Week one at The Inside Story

Week one at The Inside Story

I wasn’t really looking for a job when I applied to The Inside Story, I just sent my CV in as a spur of the moment “why not”.

When they came back and said they wanted to interview me, I wasn’t expecting it so I shrugged my shoulders and agreed to meet them the following Wednesday.

On the day of my interview, I didn’t feel nervous. I wasn’t worried or desperately scrabbling around to find examples of my work or trying to think of the perfect answers to questions that they might ask. I was calm and relaxed, I felt confident in myself and my work and not like I had something to prove. I honestly think this is one of the reasons I got the job. I am a person with a lot of nervous energy, I worry constantly so when I felt calm about an interview that was almost a worry in itself!

As a young woman being interviewed by three men, I could have easily been terrified, but as I sat there with them, I was surprisingly comfortable. They were clearly passionate about their jobs and knew what they were talking about, but at the same time they were welcoming and relaxed. They asked a lot of questions and I felt confident in the answers I gave and even made them laugh a few times! (Always a good sign.) They offered me the job in the interview and after a couple of days I said yes. I was sad to leave my old job because I had learnt so much there and made friends for life but I knew that The Inside Story could offer me the opportunity to take the next step in an exciting, new environment.

Now, having been here a whole week it is clear that I made the right decision in taking the plunge and handing my notice in. I have already learnt so much in the short time I have been here. I have had a lot of training on the products of the clients and how pro audio (both the systems and the industry) work. I know that any support I need is there for me. Every client or person I have spoken to has been so supportive and lovely, which is such a nice environment to work in and has led to me becoming even more productive.

I have also learnt a lot about social media. Although I have worked in agencies for two years, I have discovered that everyone does things differently. In my first few days I was worried that I didn’t know the things I should have. On my second day I went home panicked that I had lied to these people and would have to tell them that I was a fraud who knew nothing about social media. But by the Thursday I had settled in, writing posts about theatre, mixing boards and speakers and putting my (obsessive) organisation skills to use in the team.

Obviously, I still have A LOT to learn but I already feel at home at this little desk in Tunbridge Wells, amongst these wonderful people. They all took me out for a welcome lunch and then later in the week a celebratory lunch for international women’s day… those might have been excuses to eat at the delicious restaurants that are nearby! I have never felt more immediately welcomed into a company. They are all such talented people and I hope I am dragged along by that talent to extend my own skill set. I am so glad I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Why not?” to the interview and made my way here.

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