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Electro-Voice creates renowned audio solutions that range from installed speakers through to arena level line arrays. Although the brand has a wide selection of portable PA systems, it did not have any small, powered speaker systems. This changed with the release of the EVERSE 8.

The Inside Story was asked to create a video that promoted EVERSE 8 as a portable powered solution for buskers, which simultaneously covered all features in an easy-to-understand way. Electro-Voice is known as a producer of high-quality, large-scale pro-audio, so it was important to show this same quality was within reach of consumer musicians. The final video needed to be under two minutes in length and required three different aspect ratios as well as shortened versions to comply with best standards for social media.

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Our initial concept was to have a video of a busker travelling around their local town, performing and moving from spot to spot throughout their day. Extreme closeups and movement matching would show a connection between the speaker and performer, perfectly in lockstep.

We started scouting locations where we could film our busker. Shots were then shared with Electro-Voice and agreed upon. We approached several local musicians and settled on fingerstyle acoustic guitarist, Sean de Burca for the video.

Using only natural light we made a feature of the battery life of the speaker. Perception of passing time was visible within the video using the sun. Handheld shots were used throughout to match the movement of Sean as he played, such as the camera rolling in unison to the same angle as the kickback angle. Mounting the camera to the speaker we achieved a look not unlike an action camera mounted to a snowboarder.

During the edit, key shots were selected to call out the features via text placed within the shot. Once the first edit was complete, it was supplied to the client for review via Dropbox Replay, allowing for client feedback.


After review, several changes were made in copy and shot selection. This was refined until the client was happy with the result. Once approved as a standard HD video, a square format and vertical HD format were also created, altering placement of the text to make sense in these new aspect ratios. With all edits complete, the final high-quality versions were handed over to Electro-Voice for use within the campaign.

The client was extremely happy with the resulting video which led the online campaign and is now being used at trade shows and client events. Photos taken at the same time have been used in key marketing material sent to retailers and media

In under a month, the “Meet the EVERSE 8” video hit 9K views on YouTube and 3.5k on Facebook from organic growth. In concert with our digital marketing strategy, Electro-Voice has managed to successfully release EVERSE 8 speaker to general acclaim.



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