It's Only A Yellow Dot...

Whilst drama between huge corporations can be a source of entertainment to read, it’s also important to take heed of the message that it can teach us.

You may have heard that Lidl and Tesco are going through legal disputes at the moment regarding a yellow dot on a blue background. It might seem a little bit petty, but recognisable branding is important. Inspiration is one thing, but having similar brand colours and designs is a step too far, and can cause some annoyance. In this case, it’s sparked a lawsuit.

There are so many different things to think of when it comes to your branding, from colour psychology to ensuring you have the correct font, making sure the imagery can be easily understood and, most importantly, ensuring your branding is recognisable and unique. The over-arching risk of violating copyright law can be daunting.

Research is vital when you’re coming up with a branding strategy for your business – a fact that we at The Inside Story take into account whenever we take on a brand development project.

Who are you siding with? Is Lidl being overzealous or has Tesco crossed the colour scheme line?

It might seem a little petty, but recognisable branding is important!

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