LinkedIn update: Introducing “Featured”

LinkedIn update: Introducing “Featured”
19 Feb 2020 / by barney in Digital Marketing

A highly anticipated new function has started to roll out across LinkedIn users, called Featured.

The new section sits on your profile page and allows you to feature different types of content, helping you showcase your experience, skills, portfolio and more. 

You will be able to add any post you’ve made, published article, external links to your website/portfolio, and upload pieces of media such as photos and presentations.

You can add things to your Featured section by clicking the “+” button and selecting the content type you wish to add or by clicking the “…” button on your post in the feed and clicking “Feature of top of profile”.

This is a whole new way to demonstrate your capabilities and skillset through exciting content that you want people to see.

Once you’ve added some content, you can easily remove it and modify the order of your features. 

It isn’t available for everyone yet, so get thinking about what you want to feature and keep an eye open over the next few weeks. 

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