The 40th anniversary of Genelec

The Inside Story drew on its interviewing and copywriting expertise to mark the 40th anniversary of an iconic professional audio manufacturer


Headquartered in the small Finnish town of Iisalmi, fewer than 3,000km from the North Pole, Genelec is one of the audio industry’s best loved and most respected brands. Founded in 1978 by Ilpo Martikainen, the family-owned company has earned its reputation as the world leader in active monitoring, producing distinctive loudspeakers of such quality that they are relied upon by record producers, sound engineers and broadcasters.

In 2018, Genelec celebrated its 40th anniversary with a carefully coordinated media campaign that spanned European and US media as well as a special edition coffee table book to tell the company’s rich history.

Pro Sound News Europe - Genelec at 40
The June 2018 edition of Pro Sound News Europe, featuring the 40th anniversary of Genelec on its cover

The Inside Story has proudly worked with Genelec since 2016, and we were honoured to be asked to help in coordinating the media campaign, producing many of the articles and ultimately contributing to the book.

Feature-length articles, written to style

Working closely with Genelec, The Inside Story drew on its network to coordinate feature-length offline and online coverage in key industry B2B publications including Pro Sound News (US), Pro AVL Asia, Pro AVL MEA and Pro Sound News Europe (becoming the latter’s cover story).

We were also asked to create a number of the features for publication. To do so, we visited the company headquarters in Finland and conducted extensive interviews with a number of present and past members of staff. We then produced articles in the individual house styles of target magazines to maximise on-message coverage.

Finally, we were entrusted with producing the English language version of the special edition 40th anniversary book, which was originally written in Finnish. Working closely with our client, we endeavoured not just to translate the history of this remarkable company but to retain the nuance and character of the voices within the story.

  • Category: PR & Media
  • Client Genelec
  • Date Spring & Summer 2018
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