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You’re probably thinking, ‘not another blog about this’ – which is a valid thought process, but we can’t resist joining in with the mass of marketers that love to explain it! 

Whilst you might understand the acronyms of SEO and PPC, the in-depth details about the two may be slightly confusing, with all of the logistics that go into each discipline. 

Basically, SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the ‘long’ method of being found on Google, whereas PPC or Pay-Per-Click is the ‘short’ method. Though it does get a little more complicated than just that…


SEO tends to be an ongoing method, through writing content, creating a strong, secure website, and working with results. SEO is more methodical than PPC overall, and doesn’t obtain results overnight. The more you work on your SEO strategy, the stronger the results (if done correctly!) 

Working alongside your analytics and goals, you can really work on your website to optimise your content, once you have mastered your website. 

SEO is as much about the formalities and technicalities of your website as much as it is about the content. A fast, secure website will be recognised on search engines, and will work massively in your favour. 

What we won’t recommend or condone is Black Hat methods. Don’t take everything you read online as gospel, if you don’t have the experience, as this could be a sure fire way to get your website black listed. 


PPC can be a ‘quick fix’ method for getting your company found on Google and other search engines. Depending on your overall goal, this route can work well to get you that small boost! Though, it does come at a cost. 

Ads on search engines are effectively an auction, but not just that, they also work on optimisation to an extent. You can’t just throw up any old website and a million pound budget and expect to win the auction and rank first immediately. 

Work strategically with your campaigns, from the way the copy is written to the landing page that is attached to the ads, and the keywords that have been incorporated. 

An important notice for paid ads: don’t think you can simply set up the campaigns and leave them running. The management side is just as impactive on your end result as the initial planning.

If you’re curious about which will work best for your business and brand, get in touch, we’d love to chat! 

SEO is as much about the formalities and technicalities of your website as much as it is about the content.

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