The launch of the DiGiCo Quantum 338


When DiGiCo, the world’s leading digital mixing console brand, decided to unveil its new flagship model, the Quantum 338, at The NAMM Show in 2020, The Inside Story was drafted to ensure the launch resonated across social media with both organic and paid campaigns.

DiGiCo is renowned for its unforgettable product launches and the arrival of the Quantum 338 was no exception. Hundreds of people gathered on the show floor to witness the unveiling of the ground-breaking console, which was accompanied by a custom designed DiGiCo “Quantum Force” video game.

Launch of the Quantum 338 with The Inside Story
Organic social media
Paid social media
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Quantum 338 launch with The Inside Story


The term show-stopping is often overused but that was precisely the effect of the Quantum 338 launch at the 2020 NAMM Show. But as the exhibition ground to a halt for the console’s unveiling, DiGiCo’s social media channels sprang into action.

The Inside Story’s strategy encompassed both on-site coverage of the launch in the US plus pre-prepared video content and posts with live interaction from DiGiCo’s headquarters in the UK. Activity comprised a mixture of organic posts across all the brand’s social platforms alongside a paid campaign focusing on Facebook and Instagram.


Building on its longstanding relationship with DiGiCo, The Inside Story autonomously developed a multi-channel content and delivery strategy that exceeded all expectations.

Organic reach exceeded 170,000 across the channels, with pre-agreed messaging at the heart of all copy and images captured at the NAMM Show launch, thereby helping the audience to feel invested in the event.

But it was the paid campaign that truly excelled. Taking the copy from an organic post, The Inside Story developed precise audience targeting to reach the most relevant people, delivering a strong 5.31% unique CTR and a low CPC of £0.004. By the conclusion of the 23-day campaign, the number of impressions had reached almost one million.



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