Why it’s important to take time off during lockdown

Why it’s important to take time off during lockdown
23 Apr 2020 / by barney in The Inside Story

The situation for every single person in the world is different right now, both in terms of normal everyday life and what we’re all going through with our own individual challenges. People’s jobs have changed, their roles have changed, people are furloughed, people have been made redundant, companies have been forced to change. The workplace has changed.  

Outside of work, everything has also changed. The normal rules of life are gone. We’re now looking at empty calendars. We’re talking to our friends and families more often but with less to say. Anxiously going to the supermarket and contending with one-way systems and there still being no bloody eggs. Now actually doing some exercise every day because the government told you to and you’ve not moved much in 16 hours. I don’t need to go on here, you know what lockdown entails for you. 

It’s still important to get your work life balance. Whatever “work” is for you right now. You’ve most likely got a daily routine down now, a system that’s working(ish).  

Mine starts around 7:15AM with coffee and normally some form of exercise. Breakfast by about 8:30. Out of the shower and at the desk for 9. Stop for lunch around 12:30, if I haven’t been outside yet, then I go for a walk. Stop working around 5:30/6. Pour a beer and get started on dinner.  

This seems to work well as a routine, everything’s fairly structured. This is now the new-normal, which means I need to take a break from it.  

Work is very busy at the moment. Working in digital marketing with my main focus on social media, at a time when literally everyone is scrolling through social media, with lots of clients that want to be seen and want to support their communities, customers and the industry, means there’s A LOT to do. This coupled with the fact that I now have a new-normal daily life, means I need a break, the same way you normally take time off work.  

I was meant to be in Prague this weekend for my birthday, which of course isn’t happening now, but I’ve still got Monday and Tuesday booked off work. I probably wouldn’t have thought to take the time off if it wasn’t already booked; it’s lockdown and what is there to do? But I am genuinely excited for it. I need it.  

I’m going to set my out of office on Friday and forget about everything until Wednesday, when I’ll be refreshed and ready to get my feet under the dining table again. Or maybe, I’ll be knackered from 4 days of crisps, beer and TV. Who knows, but the point remains. 

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