Women in AV: Unconscious Biases, Mentorship and Being a Total Badass

Women in AV: Unconscious Biases, Mentorship and Being a Total Badass
20 Feb 2020 / by barney in The Inside Story

When I fell into the pro audio industry just a few months ago, I knew that it was important for me to find likeminded women who I could relate to and learn from.

As much as I like and respect my male counterparts, there really is nothing like being surrounded by badass women – women who are achieving amazing things, women who know their shit, women who take a male-dominated industry and make it work for them. These are my people, my tribe, my community.

With this in mind, AVIXA’s Women’s Council Forum at ISE 2020 felt like the perfect opportunity to get to know some of the women in the industry. A room full of brilliant and inspiring female bosses, totally nailing their professional AV careers and ready impart their wisdom? COUNT. ME. IN.

Held in partnership with Women in AV (WAVE), there were two panel sessions, an opening address by AVIXA Chief Global Officer, Sarah Joyce and a keynote speech from the first female Minister for Enterprise and Knowledge, Government of Catalonia, Hon. Àngels Chacón.

I was fascinated to hear from panellists who are paving the way for a more equal, forward-looking industry that values mentorship and professional development for women in AV, and future AV professionals too. By raising awareness of careers in our industry and supporting career development, we are creating more diverse workforces with a wider range of voices contributing to the conversation.

It was also interesting to discuss unconscious biases in professional environments and how the industry is working to dismantle these, putting processes in place to ensure that women feel valued and are recompensed for their work in the same way that their male peers are. These biases are ingrained in our society and in our industry, with the percentage of females in leadership positions still woefully low, but it’s what we are actively doing to create more resilient, diverse, equal workplaces that will start to turn the ship around.

At The Inside Story, I am privileged to work with colleagues who always offer credit where credit is due, who encourage professional development and empower me to aim higher, who always listen to what I have to say. I not only feel valued, but celebrated, too. So, here’s to celebrating women. Here’s to more supportive, inclusive professional environments. Here’s to raising women up and giving them a seat at the table, because we are capable.


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