Working remotely works

17 Mar 2020 / by barney in The Inside Story

With everything that is going on at the moment with the Coronavirus pandemic, The Inside Story has taken a cautious approach to how we are working. As such, rather than writing this from my desk, I am sat at my dining room table using my laptop.

In years gone by, this would have completely wiped out my ability to be in any way productive. If I’m being completely honest, even a couple of months ago I would have been significantly more disconnected than I am today. There is one reason for this, and her name is Lauren Brook.

Since Lauren joined the company towards the end of last year, she has made it her priority to sort out our cobbled together processes and IT systems. This has come to fruition in the last few weeks with a new communications backbone for both our phones and our IT. It is this new system that is ensuring that while I’m not in the office, there is no real disconnect.

To give you a real-world example, this morning I used our company Dropbox to make the final tweaks to a press release for a client and then send it out. I then used the messaging function on Teams to have conversations with both Lauren and Paige about spreading the release wider. Following this, I used the app that connects my mobile to my desk phone to have a quick conversation with Lauren about a different release. Now with that all done, I can use the Asana app on Teams to see what tasks I had planned for myself this week and move on to the next job.

These things would all have been possible without the new systems, but they would have been a lot less joined up. The result is that I can sit here at home with complete confidence that I am able to stay connected with the team and my presence in the office is not missed.

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