Celebrities and Crypto take the Field: A Look at this Year's Super Bowl Advertisements

The Super Bowl is this weekend and as we all know by now, this is considered to be more than a sports game – it’s a cultural phenomenon. Millions of people will be tuning in not just for the Philadelphia Eagles vs Kansas City Chiefs but also for the highly anticipated half time show and of course, the commercials. Super Bowl Ads are the perfect opportunity for brands to showcase their latest products, services and innovations, and reach a massive audience in just a few short minutes – but which ones stood out the most this year?

Well naturally, the ones that are making the most impact are the ones with a famous name attached. Celebrity endorsements have been a staple in brand marketing for decades and it’s easy to see why – their popularity can help to grab the attention of consumers and create a buzz around a product. However, the effectiveness of celebrity endorsements can be a bit of a mixed bag…

The Popcorners Super Bowl ad featuring the cast of Breaking Bad was a real treat for fans of the show. The ad was hilarious, quirky, and a total nod to the iconic show that fans can’t get enough of. On the other hand, the Squarespace ad featuring Adam Driver was a bit of a slow burner – Driver’s serious performance helped to showcase the power of Squarespace’s website building platform and while the ad was technically well executed, it didn’t have quite the same level of excitement as some of the other ads such as the Paramount Plus ad featuring Sylvester Stallone which was a bit of a wild card, but it still managed to make an impact.

The M&M’s ad featuring Maya Rudolph was a total mood booster. The ad showcased the different personalities of the M&M’s characters, and it was clear that M&M’s was trying to tap into the emotional connection fans have with the brand and accompanied by a hilarious performance from Rudolph, this was definitely a hit with her fans. The Rakuten ad saw Alicia Silverstone return to her iconic role as Cher from ‘Clueless’ and while her presence is nostalgic for the target audience – it may have been a little lackluster as her involvement didn’t seem to add much value to the overall ad. Unfortunately, her role was more of a cameo appearance, rather than a full-fledged endorsement, and her appearance didn’t add much humour or entertainment value.

While celebrity endorsements can be a powerful tool in advertising, brands have to understand their target audience and what resonates with them. Whether it’s an emotional connection, a funny joke or a product demo, brands have to know what will get their audience to pay attention.

In addition, the world of crypto has been rapidly growing, and with it, its presence in advertising has also been on the rise. Last year’s Super Bowl ads saw a handful of mentions and nods to the digital currency world, but nothing too significant. However, fast forward to this year’s Super Bowl and things have changed dramatically. This year, there were multiple advertisements that directly referenced the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. From companies like Bitcoin promoting their digital wallets to Visa showcasing their crypto debit cards, crypto was not just a subtle mention but rather a standout feature in the ads.

Its significance lies in the potential for crypto to become a widely accepted form of payment, and the increasing awareness and understanding of the technology’s potential. As the crypto world continues to evolve and grow, it will be interesting to see how its presence in advertising will also change and develop.

The Super Bowl has seen celebrities and crypto currency both playing a significant role this year. Celebrity endorsements have been a staple of Super Bowl advertising for decades, and this year was no different with famous faces appearing in ads for various brands, however, the inclusion of crypto currency was a somewhat surprising development. It showed a forward-thinking and cutting-edge approach to advertising – demonstrating the increasing relevance and importance of the cryptocurrency in our digital world.

While celebrity endorsements offered a sense of familiarity and relatability for the Super Bowl 2023 ads, the inclusion of crypto currency demonstrated a willingness to embrace new and innovative technology. As this combination was able to resonate with audiences on multiple levels – I consider this to be a savvy marketing strategy.

Both traditional and cutting-edge marketing tactics not only showcase a forward-thinking nature from companies, but also helps to ensure maximum impact and effectiveness of their advertisements. Ultimately, this highlights the importance of considering multiple marketing strategies in order to reach a broad range of audiences and make a lasting impact. That’s how you play the game 🏈

"While celebrity endorsements offered a sense of familiarity and relatability for the Super Bowl 2023 ads, the inclusion of crypto currency demonstrated a willingness to embrace new and innovative technology."

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