Polls have arrived on LinkedIn

Polls have arrived on LinkedIn
05 Jun 2020 / by barney in Social Media, The Inside Story

It’s always exciting when a new feature, especially one you’ve hoped would happen, finally arrives on a social media platform.

LinkedIn has introduced polls, which is great news. They work in a similar way to Facebook Polls, the main differences being you can have up to 4 options vs Facebook’s 2, and you’re unable to add an image to an option on LinkedIn like you can with Facebook.

This is certainly going to be a useful feature and one that I am pleased to see arriving on the platform. I’m keen to give it a whirl with some of our clients!

How to post a poll

Here’s how to post a poll, it’s pretty much the same process from your personal page or a company page.

From the main feed, click “Start a post”

Then click “Create a poll”

Type your question and add some options, the default is set to 2 and you can see here I have added an additional option. Here you will also set the duration. Click done.

After clicking “Done”, the poll will then be added to a post ready for you to share on your network. Once you’ve written a caption and added a few hashtags in, just hit “Post” and you’re done!

LinkedIn Poll ideas

1. Feedback on webinars, products, services, websites/apps

2. Asking people what they would like to see next, whether that’s part of a video series, features, software releases etcetera

3. Understanding if there’s demand for something

4. Determining if educational content is too advanced

So there you have it, LinkedIn Polls are here, you now know how to use them and have a few ideas to get you started!

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